Sleep habits of Grammy artists: how do the stars get their z’s?

December 9, 2020 3 mins read
Sleep habits of Grammy artists: how do the stars get their z’s?

Now that the Grammys nominees have been announced, we couldn’t help but wonder what we could learn about sleep from some of our favorite artists.

The Grammys for the best and worst sleep go to…

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Beyonce jam? But did you know behind all that great music, the artist considers herself immune to sleep? Nominated in some top categories, including Record of the Year, Queen B’s insane work ethic is inspiring, but sacrificing sleep is not. Sleep deprivation can lead to some serious health problems. We hope you’re reading this, B.

So who are the best and worst Grammy sleepers? Drumroll…

1. Billie Eilish

Grammy category: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance
Sleep info: The pint-size star has sleep paralysis

No stranger to sweeping up awards, Billie Eilish hasn’t shied away from revealing that her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was influenced by her experiences of nightmares and sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is the inability to move or speak during sleep. Although it’s physically harmless, it can be frightening and affect your emotional state afterwards. Ellish has battled with the sleep disorder for years and said the song Bury Your Friend was a creative take on her illness.

2. Jhene Aiko

Grammy category: Urban Contemporary Album, Album of the Year, Best R&B Performance
Sleep info: Chilombo features Tibetan singing bowls which help with calm and relaxation

For her latest album, Chilombo, Aiko took to her Instagram to explain why she had used Tibetan singing bowls in all 18 tracks. The bass frequency of the bowls induces calm, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases mental and emotional clarity while bringing on pain relief. Our favourite tracks for deep chillout? Lotus, Speak, Happiness Over Everything and Mourning Doves.

3. Lady Gaga

Grammy category: Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album
Sleep info: The Chromatica star struggles to sleep alone

Lady Gaga’s personal assistant once sued her because while on tour, the pop icon would insist that her PA sleep next to her because she was afraid of sleeping alone. Gaga’s reservations could be tied to sleep anxiety, a fear of going to bed even when there are people in the same house or in a room next door. People with sleep anxiety can stay awake for hours feeling stressed about falling asleep. It’s a treatable sleep disorder which your doctor can assist with by prescribing natural remedies or medication to deal with the anxiety.

4. Cold Play

Grammy category: Album of the Year
Sleep info: The band’s music polls high on helping you fall asleep

A study by the University of Sheffield in 2018 which looked at 500 artists from 14 genres found Cold Play to be the most popular in bringing on the z’s. 62% of participants said they listen to the band before bed and it contributed to them drifting off into lala land. This is because calming music activates the brain stem, triggering a response that helps you fall asleep faster.

5. John Legend

Grammy category: Best R&B Album, Best R&B Performance
Sleep info: The R&B star and his wife prefer sleeping in the nude

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, John Legend’s wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen said they sleep naked. But before you judge them for tipping the scales on TMI, their preference is actually well…healthy. Studies have found that sleeping nude reduces stress and anxiety, improves your relationship with your partner and boosts your self-esteem. So it’s no wonder that Legend, who interestingly, is nominated with calm music maestro Jhene Aiko for Best R&B performance, has opted for zero pyjamas.