Bedroom travel decor ideas

January 15, 2021 8 mins read
Bedroom travel decor ideas

Is it time to overhaul your sleep space? Why not take a trip around the world with us for some inspiration from these dreamy travel destinations? (Just because travel is limited, doesn’t mean we can’t visit our favorite destinations in our dreams).

Did you know that your bedroom decor can affect your sleeping patterns? A cluttered room can mean a cluttered sleep, and space without proper ventilation can create a stuffy sleep. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the decor.

In the ideas below we show you how you can transport yourself to your favorite travel destination through decor tips and (because we’re sleep experts) we’ll show you how these ideas can promote dreamier sleep.

Slow-wave sleep in Greece

view of church on Santorini island
Inspired by Santorini Island, Greece

It’s no lie that at the coast, we enjoy deeper, uninterrupted sleep. This has a lot to do with the sounds of the waves, the fresh sea air, and most of all, that it’s generally a time for us to wind-down on vacation. So how do we recreate this soothing experience in our own bedrooms? Here’s how:

Shutters for ventilation

Fresh, cool air helps us control our body temperature, and recycles the oxygen in our bloodstream more efficiently. This helps us to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Adding shutters to your windows will not only instantly give you that Greek Island feeling, but allow you to keep your windows open on hot summer days to let fresh air enter your bedroom.
  • Shutters also allow you to keep out any direct light, so you’re able to sleep more soundly without the light pollution, and when morning comes, you are still able to rise with the natural light that seeps through. (Ah, bliss!)

Linen for luxury sleep

Your linen says a lot about the type of vacation you’re on, and by the coast, you’ll always be greeted by crisp cotton, white sheets.

  • Cotton linen helps body temperature regulation and allows your skin to breathe, plus the neutral color won’t distract your mind (unlike busy patterns) getting you to sleep, faster.

Uncluttered space for relaxation

When we have less going on around us we are less likely to be distracted, and that’s exactly what we need for good quality sleep!

  • Minimizing the clutter in your bedroom to make it a serene space is what coastal rooms are all about. Adding ocean-inspired art, repainting your wall white or soft blue will instantly help transport you to a calmer being.
  • Additionally, you can add a white noise machine that can bring in the sounds of the ocean, and block out the outside noise.

Take your dreams on safari

Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya
Inspired by the Masai Mara, Kenya

There is no better holiday than on an African safari. The hot summer days that induce long afternoon naps, the feeling of soft air flowing through your mosquito net and the deep sleep that comes after a day of game viewing is a dream sleep destination for many. How do we transport our sleep here? Like this:

Neutrals for nodding off

Mimic the African savannah with interior colours that are soft and neutral – think tan accents, beige walls, and complimentary textures.

  • Adding prints to the mix can also add some safari luxury, just stay away from busy patterns and keep your animal instincts to a minimum. Bold prints can be distracting and spark alertness rather than relaxation.

Soft fabrics for sweet sleep

A mosquito net or a soft drape over your bed can instantly transport you to an African safari.

  • Adding soft fabrics still allows airflow but creates a cocoon around your sleep space. This gives you a sense of security, with a worry-free sleep.
  • Alternatively, adding soft curtains to your windows for the daytime can allow airflow to mimic an oasis of cool and calm to create that dreamy experience.

Think less authentic for better sleep

To be inspired by Africa doesn’t mean you need to add all the African accessories to your space.

  • Where you may want to start adding masks and bold art to achieve this look, it’s best to leave that for the lounge.
  • Rather fill your space with hanging landscape prints that promote relaxation to complete your African-inspired look.

A happy sleep in Havana

palm trees in Havana, Cuba
Inspired by Havana, Cuba

While falling asleep in Havana may seem like a tropical dream, the bedroom decor inspiration we’re taking from this busy old-world city is exactly that, getting back to old-world sleeping patterns. What are these you may ask? A time where sleep came peacefully without stress and you were just a traveler inspired by this colorful, musical place. This bedroom look is achieved by simply this:

Plants for fresh air

It’s true that plants oxygenate the air by absorbing the carbon dioxide and relacing their space with cleaner fresher air.

Pastel accents for an old-world sleep

Embrace your inner Cuban by adding subtle colorful accents to your room.

  • A soft pink accent wall behind your bed will draw your eye to your resting place, complimented by lighter patterns on your scatter cushions to bring in the vibrance of Cuba without distracting you from your sleep.
  • Get playful with your headboard using brass or soft metals – but always check that your bed base is supportive and allows your mattress to stay firm and not sag. This is especially important if you are a side sleeper, as you’ll need the extra support to keep your body and spine aligned to limit aches and pains.

Keep the travel mementos elsewhere

You may feel the need to bring your vintage traveling finds into your bedroom to bulk up your new Cuban cocoon, but clutter doesn’t bode well for calm sleep.

  • Keep your travel accents to limited trinkets, and channel that energy into interesting bedside lamps or frames instead.

Snuggle up tight in the Scottish Highlands

Kilchurn Castle in Scotland
Inspired by Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

During winter, you may be tempted to pile on the blankets, zip into that onesie, and nap away. But why not channel that snuggly feeling into transporting your bedroom to the Scottish Highlands? If you promise to keep the bagpipes away, we’ll show you how to achieve this look, our way:

Dark colors can help sleep

A dark, quiet room has the ability to signal your body clock into sleep. But it’s important to note that this colour treatment only works when your bedroom is for sleep only.

  • Use deeper hues with warmer tones to still keep a neutral color to your room without the color being too loud.

Warm textures for sleepy snuggles

Heavy duvets, woollen textured throws and a warm carpet can give your room an instant cozy feel.

  • Weighted blankets are said to help reduce anxiety, and calm you down. If you’re after a big Scottish hug before bed, we highly recommend investing in one.

Accents for a cozy sleep

If you’re looking for an extreme bedroom makeover, adding in a stone fireplace can transport you straight into the Highlands.

  • Beware not to overheat the room and allow for fresh air to circulate before you go off to sleep.
  • Spending time by a fireplace can help channel a busy mind into a meditative space – practicing any relaxing techniques before bed improves your sleep duration and quality.

Find peace(ful sleep) in Japan

Traditional temple in Kyoto, Japan
Inspired by Tenryu-ji Temple, Japan

If there’s one thing the Japanese are good at it’s creating Zen. In a time where everything around us is anything but “zen” transporting our sleep sanctuaries into a more calming, minimalist, centred place has never been so important (for our sleep). If it’s calm you crave, try these simple bedroom decor tips and watch as your sleep becomes “Ikigai”. (Japanese for, “a reason for being”).

Minimalist for more sleep

As our minds are incredibly active, taking cues from the most serene nation and clearing away items from our sleep nests can help trigger our being to a calmer state.

  • Keep pillows and throws to only necessary items, and add a paper screen or two to divide your room into a sleep and wake environment.

Let the light in for a morning routine

Sleep and wake routines are vital in getting our circadian rhythm in sync and allow the earth’s natural movement to be your alarm clock.

  • Start every morning by getting in a good dose of sunlight exposure, and create a space for setting your intentions at your alter.
  • This can be achieved by making space for your yoga mat, lighting some candles, and using a guided meditation for sleep. Use this space to help with your sleep hygiene routine and you’ll see how your sleep patterns become more in tune with your surroundings.

It’s true that travel opens the heart and gives us stories to tell, but until we can travel the world (once again) without stress or angst, let us be inspired by our favorite destinations by bringing them into our bedroom. (Because good sleep really is as good as a vacation).