Sleeping without pillows: are there any benefits?

November 14, 2020 3 mins read
Sleeping without pillows: are there any benefits?

Going to sleep without a pillow is an unconventional choice, but nonetheless a preference for many. From supporting your neck from strain to being a source of homely comfort, pillows have a reputation for making sleep harmonious. But what happens when you decide to delve into something different and go pillowless?

Let’s explore.

Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?

Pillows are designed to support your neck and spine while you sleep. Your spine especially needs to be supported (which is best done sleeping on your back) to prevent it from curving. Sleeping without a pillow means there is no support for your neck or spine, so your upper body may feel the pressure and you could wake up with neck pain.

Coupled with a hard mattress and sleeping on your back, going to sleep without a pillow can make the back of your head hurt. If you prefer snoozing on your side then be careful of sleeping without pillows. This is because usually there’s a gap between your head and the mattress which contributes to a sore neck. Also, with sleeping on your side, you could be prone to using your arm as a headrest which can lead to aches and pains in the morning.

But despite all of the above, for some people, sleeping without a pillow is the answer to relieve body pains and discomfort.

What are the benefits of sleeping without pillows?

Some of the benefits of sleeping without pillows include:

  • It’s more comfortable to sleep without your pillow if you are a stomach sleeper. To make this position more comfortable, look at putting a pillow under your hips instead so that your spine is in a neutral position.
  • Better posture: Pillows can force your neck into an angle which affects your posture so sleeping without one can align your posture more naturally.
  • Reduces allergies: Pillows can attract dust, worsening your allergies. Going without a pillow can reduce this.
  • Reduced back pain: A pillow goes against the natural curvature of the spine as it elevates the head. For some people, sleeping without a pillow keeps their spine straight and in check so they don’t feel as much back pain.

So how do you go from sleeping with a pillow to not using one? You can make a slow shift by using a thinner pillow until you eventually don’t need to use one at all. Another tip is to sleep in-between two pillows until your muscle memory kicks in and you can easily sleep in an angle that’s best for you.

Is it better to sleep with one pillow or two pillows?

From a decor perspective, having two, three or four pillows on the bed is easy on the eye. But according to sleep experts, a single pillow is enough to support your head throughout the night. It all depends on your sleeping position.

However, to sleep with a pillow or not to sleep with a pillow… it comes down to personal choice.