What does it mean to dream about losing teeth?

October 9, 2020 4 mins read
What does it mean to dream about losing teeth?

Do you dream about losing teeth? Chances are we’ve all had this dream at some point in our lives. And for some of us this ghastly, sweat-provoking dream has been a recurring one too.

But what does it mean? Surely our dreams are supposed to be a time to decompress while we drift off into an imaginary world swooned by Henry Cavill?

Sometimes our dreams can have a much deeper meaning, and depending on what you’re going through psychologically, can affect what you experience in your dreams.

So let’s settle (or is that, unsettle?) those nerves as we explore the “root” of this dental disaster nightmare.

Do dreams have meaning?

If they’re recurring, then yes. It is believed that dreams help us cope with our emotions and help us solve problems in our waking life. Dreams allow us to understand our subconscious, as they act as psychological processing machines. Particularly if you’re having the same recurring dream over a certain period, looking at what emotional issues you’re facing in your waking life, can give them more meaning.

The most common weird dreams, (like losing teeth) show trends around stress: be it trauma, over-working or tight deadlines. If you are having these jaw-dropping (and not in a good way) dreams, getting a handle on what’s causing these dreams can be your first step towards dialing down the stress in both your sleeping and waking life.

5 interpretations of dreams about losing teeth

We know that not all dreams mean the same thing, and depending on your health, culture and present mental wellness, there could be certain physiological meanings behind why you keep welcoming this cavity-filled nightmare into your sleep.

So, let’s open wide (sorry, not sorry) and see what your dream about losing teeth could mean:

1. Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on our subconscious at the best of times, not to mention its effect on our sleep quality. If you’re going through a particularly difficult time at work or in your personal life, the chances are that you’ll dream of some weird (toothy) scenarios.

2. Anxiety

Where you might think that stress and anxiety are bed buddies in this scenario, anxiety tends to be a more long-term disorder. Anxiety is a condition that causes excessive worrying, insecurity as well as possibly causing you to grind your teeth at night. And if you think about it, what you’re experiencing in your waking life (and actively in your sleep), can filter into your dreams.

3. Jealousy

It’s true. Our subconscious is weird. Even weirder when it starts concocting scenarios around people we don’t like. If you’re having some pent-up jealousy issues around a friend or partner, watch out. Not only could you find yourself dream about losing teeth, but dream about their teeth falling out too. (Yikes!)

4. Teeth grinding

Stemming from anxiety, this sleepy act can lead to a trip to the real-life dentist. If you find yourself grinding your teeth, you might dream about losing teeth. And because our dreams can sometimes impact our physical ability, dreaming about teeth can make you grind them too.

5. Life changes

They say change is as good as a holiday, but they didn’t say that change makes for weird dreams. (Or do they?) If you’re the type of person that finds transition stressful, you could dream about losing teeth. Significant changes like starting a family, moving cities, getting a new job (or 2020) can affect your subconscious, which we know directly translates into a denture dream.

Why do we dream?

There is no definitive answer as to why we dream, but it has been said that dreams are our mind’s way of actively sorting through important memories and the things we’ve learned.

Our dreams occur the most vividly during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, our fifth stage of sleep. During this stage, our mind is most active, applying filters to our memories and allowing us to conjure up daily scenarios and turn them into interesting subconscious narratives.

Should I be worried?

If you’re having frequent stress-induced dreams, whether about losing teeth or something else, it may be time to get to the root of the problem. Dream disorders and stress-related dreams are key signs that your subconscious is trying to tell you something about the state of your waking life.

Try keeping a dream journal to not only record when you dream about losing teeth, but also to jot down the types of dreams you’re experiencing and match each dream to a possible situation that’s going on in your daily life. This can help identify what you need to deal with in order to have sweeter dreams. (Henry, we’re coming for you!)