Does lavender help you sleep better at night?

November 13, 2020 4 mins read
Does lavender help you sleep better at night?

Does lavender help you sleep better at night? It smells nice. It is beautiful. But do the benefits go beyond that?

Aromatherapy has been around for years and the power of it is often underestimated. Certain smells can trigger certain responses in your brain. The smell of grapefruit can reduce appetite, mint can help make you feel more alert and smelling lavender is used by many to help them relax.

But what are the benefits of using lavender as a sleep aid?

What is lavender?

Lavender is a type of plant known for its purple flowers and pleasant, relaxing scent. It is a very popular addition to many herb gardens and is often used in potpourri, air fresheners, bath and beauty products, teas and scented sachets.

Its scent can have an instant calming effect on the body.

Does lavender really help with sleep?

If your sleep problems are caused by stress and anxiety, the scent of lavender can help you relax enough to ease into sleep.

How to take lavender for sleep

There are quite a few ways to use lavender for sleep. They include:

  • Use lavender essential oil in an aroma diffuser.
  • Use lavender essential oil in your bath.
  • Rub a lavender lotion on your chest and perhaps under your nose before bed.
  • Use a lavender pillow spray on your pillow and bedsheets.
  • Place a lavender scent bag next to your pillow or on your bedside table.
  • Keep a bowl of dried lavender next to your bed.
  • Wave a sprig of lavender under your nose before you go to sleep.
  • Keep a bottle of lavender essential oil by your bed and with you at all times, so that when you are anxious, you can open it and smell it.
  • Make a lavender sleep tea that you can sip on as you are getting ready to go to bed.

Other benefits of lavender

Other than its power of improving your sleep, does lavender help with other conditions, like anxiety, pain and PMS?

Does lavender help anxiety?

You can use lavender to help relieve anxiety during the day and in the evenings. When you inhale lavender, it stimulates your olfactory nerve, which then triggers your limbic system, particularly your amygdala and hippocampus, which help to control your emotions.

Does lavender help ease menstrual symptoms?

Do you get pre-period insomnia? Do you get mood swings and become more anxious around that time of the month? Lavender can help to ease these PMS symptoms. It helps your body relax, which will definitely make you feel better overall.

When the cramps strike and you decide to take a warm bath to help ease the pain, treat yourself by adding lavender essential oil to your bath and use lavender bath products and lotion.

Putting a few drops of lavender oil on your lower back and pelvis area can help calm the area, reduce inflammation and soothe the pain.

Does lavender help reduce pain?

Lavender oil is not only a promising reliever of menstrual cramps. You can put it on sore muscles and joints to reduce inflammation and help you get relief. More research is needed on the effectiveness of lavender oil for pain relief, but enough people have reported getting relief from using it that it is worth a try.

Other natural sleep aids

You don’t have to rely on lavender alone. There are other herbal remedies for sleep that you can try. We recommend:

  • Magnesium glycinate or magnesium chelate
  • Valerian root
  • Passionflower

A few drops of lavender in your bath before bed can start the relaxation process and get your body to start preparing for sleep.

Repeated use of lavender before bed will also condition your brain to associate the smell of lavender with sleep. If you take a bath with added lavender essential oil before bed and spray lavender on your pillow each night, your body will automatically know it is time for bed when it gets a whiff of lavender.

You can make it part of your daily and nightly routine and hopefully get the sleep of your dreams.