The top 5 best snoring apps to help reduce snoring

October 30, 2020 4 mins read
The top 5 best snoring apps to help reduce snoring

You’ve reached the end of your snoring tether and decided it’s time to rope in technology. Cue the snoring app.

For many of us, the thought of using a snoring app to track if we’re purring like a kitten or grumbling like the engine of a truck never crossed our mind. But it’s 2020, and there are apps to treat and cure different ailments, including snoring.

What does a snoring app track?

It’s impossible to hear yourself while sleeping, which is why a snoring app is your best bet in tracking the sounds you make. A snoring app measures and records your breathing rate (and severity of your snoring) to find the most effective way to treat it.

5 Top snoring apps

We investigated the top snoring apps on the market, all designed to track the quality of your sleep so that you can find the best remedy for your snoring.

1. SnoreLab

This is the highest-rated app with over 50 million downloads on the Apple App Store. Right before you go to bed, you place your mobile as close to you as possible then drift off into dreamland.

While you snooze, SnoreLab records the intensity and volume of your snoring. In the morning, the app will provide a report complete with audio samples. This app works well only when there is one snorer in the room.

There’s a free trial version which gives you a taste of all the app’s features. When it ends you’ll have to pay around £5, which makes it the priciest of all the apps we reviewed, but worth it for the value-packed features.

2. Snore Control

Not only does this app help you find out what contributes to your snoring, but it also has a “stop snore” function. This is awesome because once the stop snore function is activated, it can send out a sound to lull you back to soundless sleep. Sound sensitivity is adjusted according to the conditions of your room which is essential for accurate data reporting.

The downside of the app is that it has ads on the free version which can be distracting. The bulk of reviewers gave it a 4,1 rating on Google Play, listing this as the main con. The “stop snore” feature comes free but for everything else, it’ll cost around £2.

3. SnoreClock

You won’t have to worry about not having enough info to track your snoring with this app. It records for up to 11 hours and picks up on everything disrupting your sleep. If you’re wondering if the latest snoring remedy you’re using is working, SnoreClock will measure that for you and give you efficient results.

SnoreClock also scores high on the user-friendly category with users giving it a thumbs up for easy navigation. While it’s the most basic of snore apps, it’ll set you back around £3.

4. Sleep Talk & Snore Recorder

Snore sensing technology coupled with a sensitivity level function makes this an app a go-to for accurate reading and results. It groups your recordings by date and time and fixes audio samples, so they don’t take up space on your mobile device.

5. Motion 24/7

Are you worried about how long you sleep and if you’re getting high-quality sleep? Then Motion 27/7 is the right snoring app for you. Out of all the apps reviewed, it’s the only one which can record sleep apnea which is useful for self-diagnosis.

It also monitors weight, heart rate and the activities you do during the day by staying on all the time. It records your activities as you go out by your day and can be set to wake you up with your favourite tune in the morning. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest snore apps on the market.

Other ways to reduce snoring

With 41% of the country reportedly snoring every night, it’s no wonder there’s such a demand for snoring remedies. Mouthguards, saline sprays and nifty anti-snoring gadgets can offer relief. You can also adjust your sleeping position or eat foods that will reduce your chances of snoring.

Whichever form of treatment you pick, rest assured that there’s a snoring app to accompany you along your journey to sleeping like a (snore-free) pro.