Does warm milk help you sleep? What to drink before bed

January 30, 2021 3 mins read
Does warm milk help you sleep? What to drink before bed

Drinking warm milk before bed is not only a sleep solution for babies and children. Adults can benefit from its snooze-inducing powers too.

Did you know that the combination of fat and sugar is one of your brain’s favourite food combinations? Think cake, cookies, doughnuts, burgers, pizza and ice-cream. Consuming these macronutrients together makes us feel happy and helps us relax. And because milk is the only natural source of fat and sugar, it’s no wonder a glass of milk before bed feels so good and has such a relaxing effect on the body.

But how does warm milk help you sleep better at night?

3 Benefits of drinking warm milk before bed for sleep

A glass of warm milk before bed can help you relax and sleep better at night. And if you have kids, making it part of their nightly routine can make it easier to put them down at night without a struggle.

1. The ritual is relaxing

The ritual can help you relax. Over time, your brain will start to associate that cup of warm milk with preparing for bed.

2. Milk contains tryptophan

If you’ve done any kind of research on what foods to eat for better sleep, you know about the importance of tryptophan. This is an amino acid that your body uses to produce serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin is the main sleep hormone and serotonin is important for mood regulation and relaxation.

3. Milk contains carbs

Carbohydrates are macronutrients that arguably have the biggest fan club around the world. But many don’t realise that milk is a source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help your brain absorb tryptophan, and seeing as milk contains both, it is one of the best options for sleep.

What is the best drink to help you sleep?

For sleep success, sip on warm milk, chamomile tea, lavender tea, and other nightcap drinks like chai tea or golden milk before bed. Avoid drinks containing caffeine, like coffee and green tea. Sleep teas that don’t contain caffeine are a much better option.

However, your nighttime routine should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, so if you don’t like the taste of chamomile tea, for example, don’t force yourself to drink it.

While warm milk does have the potential to promote sleep, if you are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy, it won’t be the best option for you. If drinking milk gives you a stuffy nose or digestive discomfort, it might be the reason you struggle to sleep or have disrupted sleep in the first place.

If dairy doesn’t affect you negatively, drinking a glass of warm milk before bed might just be the answer to your sleep struggles. Better sleep can start in the dairy aisle. Perhaps you will find your solution there.