The best sleep podcasts for better z’s

December 2, 2020 7 mins read
The best sleep podcasts for better z’s

Podcasts have really changed the game over the last few years and more and more people are finding value in listening to them. There are podcasts for everyone about everything. But our top favourites are the ones that talk about sleep.

Want to learn how to improve your sleep habits? There’s a podcast for that. Want to listen to bedtime stories that will help you relax before bed? There’s a podcast for that. Do you like ASMR? There’s a podcast for that!

4 Best podcasts to learn about sleep

You don’t need to take a master’s class in sleep to learn how to improve your sleep patterns and habits and help your family to sleep better at night. You can get all the information you need from podcasts. Here are a few we recommend you listen to:

1. Slumber Party

If you’re a parent, you’ll love this one. Slumber Party focuses on topics related to sleep in babies and children. This podcast can change the bedtime game in your household. Expect a realistic and humorous perspective on being a parent and trying to get your child to get a good night’s sleep.

The host, Amanda Jewson, uses her knowledge as an infant and child specialist to help your whole family sleep better. She gives helpful advice on how to improve your child’s sleep habits, so bedtime will no longer be a battle but something to look forward to.

Topics you can learn about include night weaning, sleep training, and starting kindergarten while maintaining sleep.

2. The Sleep Lab

Dr Julie Smith is a psychologist who is on the hunt for the best sleep advice. She interviews people who have overcome insomnia and also people who have mastered their sleep habits and know how to get the best sleep possible.

After listening to the episodes of the podcast, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sleep topics you can learn about include sleep hygiene, baby sleep training, and how nutrition affects your sleep.

3. Sleep Like a Boss

Sleep Like a Boss is brought to you by the incredible sleep expert and coach, Christine Hansen. Not only does she educate and entertain with her podcast, but she has also coached CEOs, executives, and high performers on how to, well… sleep like a boss.

Topics that have been discussed on the show include gut health and sleep, how much sleep you need, sleep, and your mental health, how heat affects your sleep, and more.

4. Sleep Success

The Sleep Success podcast is brought to you by Dr Michael Breus, who is also known as The Sleep Doctor. He believes that the world would be a better place if everyone slept better (and we agree).

He will help you dominate your days by teaching you all the tips and tricks you need to know to sleep better at night. He also interviews many high performers who have been able to improve their sleep habits. Expect to learn from athletes, artists, CEOs, and tech experts who have learned a thing or two about improving sleep.

What does Paris Hilton do to improve her sleep? What was it like to sleep in space for astronaut Michael Lopez Alegria? How does biohacker, author and CEO Dave Asprey sleep for optimal mental and physical performance? You can find out on the Sleep Success podcast.

Topics they have discussed on the podcast include chronotypes, cannabis and sleep, improving athletic performance through sleep, sleep and fitness and how sleep quality affects your diet.

4 Bedtime story podcasts

Did hearing bedtime stories help you fall asleep as a child? Are you looking for the best bedtime stories to listen to before bed to help you sleep? Or do you want stories you can play for your kids that will ease them into soothing slumber?

Listening to bedtime stories can make you more mindful and help you relax and fall asleep easier.

1. Nothing Much Happens

Kathryn Nicolai is a storyteller and yoga and meditation teacher. She started the Nothing Much Happens podcast to help people who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and sleep problems through the art of storytelling. Her stories incorporate sensory details that help bring you into the present moment and distract you from the stressors of life.

2. Calm Sleep Stories

Want Harry Styles or Matthew McConaughey to read you a bedtime story? They can if you have the Calm app. You can find great sleep story podcasts to listen to before bed on the app, as well as guided meditations that can help you relax.

Other celebrities who have partnered with Calm and who can have recorded bedtime stories that help you sleep are Eva Green, Lucy Liu, Leona Lewis, and Laura Dern.

You can also follow the guided meditations available on the app to help you relax. You can also learn more about how to improve your sleep overall if you listen to the “Better Sleep” masterclass by Dr Michael Breus on the Calm app. Yes, the same Dr Michael Breus from the Sleep Success podcast we recommended above.

3. Sleep With Me

If you’re looking for a podcast that will help you forget about any worries that are keeping you up at night, try the Sleep With Me podcast by creator and host, Drew Ackerman.

There are hundreds of stories you can listen to before bed that can distract, entertain, and relax you. The stories also become more boring as they go on, which will help you drift off into sleep.

4. Little Stories for Tiny People

Little Stories for Tiny People is a podcast by Rhea Pechter that can solve a big problem: helping your child sleep better. It features original stories and poems that will entertain and delight any child while helping them to relax and fall asleep at the same time. It is the perfect podcast for parents, babysitters, and kindergarten teachers who want a little help with getting the little ones to sleep.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until bedtime to enjoy these stories and can listen to them while on a long drive or any time of day, but they are especially helpful before naptime or at night.

4 Meditation, music, and ASMR podcasts

What if you want a podcast that plays relaxing sounds or guided meditations? We have you covered. Here are our top suggestions:

1. Sleep and Relax ASMR

Sleep and Relax ASMR is a podcast that is designed to help people relax and fall asleep using autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) triggers. These triggers include whispering, scratching, strong wind sounds, and making sounds with foam.

If you find ASMR very relaxing, we highly recommend this podcast.

2. ASMR Rain Recordings

If the sound of rain makes you want to crawl into your cosy bed and helps you relax, you should definitely try listening to this podcast before going to sleep.

You can listen to all sounds related to rain like droplets falling on umbrellas and in the rainforest that will help you drift off into sleep.

3. Guided Sleep Meditations & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove

Guided Sleep Meditations & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove is a podcast hosted by hypnotherapist, Christopher Fitton. Podcast episodes include bedtime stories, guided meditations, and sleep hypnosis sessions that can all help you relax and get a better night’s sleep.

4. Sleep Meditation Podcast

The Sleep Meditation Podcast is a soundscape podcast that plays different sounds that can help you relax. You can listen to the rain falling, the ocean waves, binaural beats, rainforest sounds, fan noises, and more relaxing sounds.

Whether you want to learn how to improve your sleep habits, listen to bedtime stories, or use guided meditations, nature sounds, or ASMR to help you sleep at night, there’s a podcast for that.

You can find the podcasts we listed above on various podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

If you haven’t discovered the podcast craze yet, you just might after giving a few of these sleep podcasts a try.