How to sleep with a pregnancy pillow

November 5, 2020 4 mins read
How to sleep with a pregnancy pillow

Has your second or third trimester of pregnancy become a game of toss and turn? As your baby bump grows, so does your yearning for peaceful sleep. A pregnancy pillow could literally be a sleep game-changer.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a pregnant mum’s dream, created to support your baby bump and the changing curves of your body. So whichever position you sleep in, you’ll be snug.

Are pregnancy pillows good for back pain?

The aches and pain felt in your back are usually because you’ve spent the night sleeping on your side. This causes pressure on one side of the body, with the back taking most of the strain. By placing a pregnancy pillow between your legs, you can hug your pillow so that it envelops your body, taking pressure off your back. Other pregnancy sleep positions can also eliminate your back pain.

When should you start using a pregnancy pillow?

In your second trimester and fourth month, your baby bump starts to grow more rapidly. Your expanding waistline puts pressure on your joints and muscles, making you more uncomfortable, which could lead to pregnancy insomnia. Investing in a pregnancy pillow will reduce the strain on your body and help prevent sleeplessness.

5 types of pregnancy pillows and how to sleep with them

There are five different pillows with each one tailored to your favourite sleeping position to promote quality sleep. Which one is right for you? Take a look:

1. C-shaped pillows

Shaped like the letter C, the C-shaped pillow is best used for the upper body, from the pelvic area to the head. Using this pillow, expect your whole body to be intimately enclosed and supported as it changes during pregnancy. This pillow is best suited to women with larger body types as you can use it in any sleep position that you prefer. You’ll fall in love with your preggy pillow as it comforts you throughout your time into dreamland.

How to sleep with it: Place the curved part against your back. The width of the C should open out onto your belly to provide a firm footing.

2. U-shaped pillows

If you like sleeping on your back, then the U-shape may work wonders for you. This pillow lets you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest by providing a strong base for the whole body. It is a good option for mums-to-be who are fussy about their sleep and want to enjoy all the space on the bed.

How to sleep with it: If you’re a side sleeper, use this pillow to support your stomach while you rest your head on the curve.

3. Wedge pillows

Warning: wedge pillows are not your typical pregnancy pillow. Think of them as a versatile pillow that you can slide under the part of your body that needs support throughout your pregnancy. The wedge pillow supports your baby bump without taking up too much space because it’s so small.

How to sleep with it: To get the most out of this dynamite pillow, use it to cuddle up to on your side. You can also prop it against your back, between your legs and in any position that makes you feel comfortable.

4. J-shaped pillow

Picture the curved hook of an umbrella but in pillow format. The J-shaped pregnancy pillow is compact and won’t envelop the whole bed. Small and perfect for when sleeping next to a partner and cuddling up to each other. The J-shaped pillows fit neatly into your belly and provide back up for your neck too.

How to sleep with it: The best way to use it is by hugging it with one leg underneath or by propping it against your back to take the strain off your neck and joints.

5. Full-length pillow

Imagine your regular pillow, but a longer version. The best thing about this pillow is how versatile it is. It can be used in any and every sleeping position because it works by supporting the whole body. Even after you’ve had your baby, you can still use the full-length pillow to relieve back pain and discomfort.

How to sleep with it: To use this pillow effectively, hug it while laying on your side or straddle it with your legs while firmly pressing your body against it and wait for the z’s to come.

The importance of sleep for overall health

It’s no exaggeration that sleep powers physical and mental performance. Scientists have discovered that when you sleep 7–9 hours each night, you strengthen your immune system, rejuvenate your brain and body, and repair sore muscles and broken tissue.

During pregnancy, sleep helps your body to stay healthy to support your growing baby. An increase in blood flow leads to extra pressure on your blood vessels, so sleep is the best time for restoration. Getting peaceful sleep isn’t only a luxury. It’s essential to your and your baby’s health as you nurture the miracle growing inside you.