7 Benefits of sleeping naked

December 9, 2020 6 mins read
7 Benefits of sleeping naked

Did you know that sleeping naked can increase the quality of your sleep, rev up your intimacy engines and even give your skin a more youthful glow?

Sleeping au naturel may be an uncomfortable notion for some, but if you want to improve your sleep, feel more confident and keep your health intact, read on as we undress the benefits of sleeping in the nude.

1. Lights out, faster

You’ve heard us say this before, but your body temperature really is a fundamental puzzle piece to good sleep. When you undress for sleep your body temperature is able to regulate naturally, which allows your body clock to turn on for a good night’s kip. As your body temp cools, this triggers your brain that it’s time for lights out. When you wear clothes, this takes a little longer as your body is fighting the fabrics to cool itself down.

It’s even been found that those who sleep in their birthday suit are less prone to bouts of insomnia. As your body goes through waves of temperatures in the night, sleeping naked helps regulate these changes so you don’t fling about in the night looking for a cool spot.

2. Burns calories

Yup, you read that right. Sleeping nude can boost your metabolism and in turn fire up the calorie-burning engines. As sleeping in the buff helps bring your body temperature down, this can aid in the production of brown fat that helps increase your metabolism and burns calories for energy.

However, like all things weight-related, the only true weight loss method is a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise, but if we can burn a few extra calories by sleeping naked, sign us up!

3. Gives you confidence

Do you battle with self-esteem issues? Sleeping starkers can be a great confidence booster. If you think about it, it helps you become more in tune with your body and comfortable in your own skin. The more you see yourself in a natural state the happier you’ll feel about your body and boost your self-image. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our bodies, shall we?

4. Eases stress

Back to the importance of regulating your body temperature. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is created (in abundance) when your body temperature is high. (You know that sweaty and flushed feeling when you’re in a panic? That’s your body creating cortisol). When your body is able to cool naturally, it can help regulate the production of this hormone and keep stress eating, anxiety, and insomnia caused by stress at bay.

5. Keeps your lady bits and man bits healthy

Ladies, sleeping nude keeps your VJJ ventilated and men, your ding-a-ling damp-free. In the age of tighty-whities and lacey lingerie, our “down there” bits don’t get a lot of opportunities to breathe. To keep them healthy, sleeping butt-naked is the only chance they get (unless you’re an underwear rebel, no judgement).

Ladies, if you’re prone to yeast infections, going commando at night can help “her” breathe and fend off any icky infections.

Men, if you want to up your sperm count and keep the tadpoles swimming, keep it cool down there and out of underwear. Not only does a lower-body temp keep up your sperm quality but studies have shown that better sleepers also have stronger swimmers.

6. Strengthens your relationship

It should be obvious that when you sleep naked next to your nuzzle-buddy that there will definitely be a door ajar for some nookie invitation. But not only that, when you’re skin on skin with a loved one, your body produces oxytocin, the love, cuddle, stress-free hormone. This hormone can make you feel more connected to your partner, and increase the need for deeper intimacy. (Sex is great for good sleep too).

7. Anti-ageing

Sleeping naked is the answer to beauty sleep. As your skin is able to breathe, regulate its own temperature and release all the good hormones, this transfers into your appearance. With bad sleep habits comes an increase in cortisol creation, and what happens when you release cortisol? You decrease the production of collagen (the youthful anti-ageing hormone.) Strip down for a glowing complexion? Yes, please!

Tips to sleeping in the nude, naturally

If you’re a first-timer to the unclad clan, we get that it may feel a bit strange at first. After all, clothes are comforting. But once you’ve given it a go, we can assure you that it’ll be an outfit that will stand the trends of the time.

Check out these tips to help you strip into sleep, seamlessly.

Bed linen for the buff

Creating a soft, comforting sleep environment is a great starting point for getting your kit off. Invest in some soft cotton, silk, natural and breathable sheets, that will make your bare skin feel at home. If it’s winter, invest in a solid duvet with a heavier weight to make you feel cocooned and warm. But remember your body temp will adjust to your environment, so don’t feel the need to pile on the blankets because you’re now nude.

Striptease to sleep

If this is your first attempt at baring it all for sleep, ease into the experience by ditching one clothing piece at a time over a few nights of sleep. This way you won’t feel uncomfortable and it’ll help lessen any sleep disruptions. Just remember that any underwear and pyjamas you do wear to bed should be made from breathable fabrics.

Bubbles before bedtime

Soaking in a hot bath before bed can make you feel clean and fresh as you climb into bed. Bathing can also help trigger your body into sleep mode, so when you do fall into bed, you’re much more likely to fall asleep faster (and not think about your own nudity hiding under the covers).

Cool and uncovered

Here it is again. Your bedroom’s temperature is the single most important factor for quality rest. When your bedroom is cool it allows you to enter the dream stage of sleep, which is the main ingredient to becoming a morning person (for reals). The best temperature for a night of nudity should be around 18ºC.

Clock in to get unclothed

Keeping a healthy sleep hygiene habit with lovely linens, temperature controls, and bathtime means nothing if you’re not getting the right amount of sleep. Make sure you are keeping a consistent sleep-wake schedule of 7-9 hours a night to feel the full benefits of sleeping in the nude.

Are you ready to get nude for healthier, happier, more restful, quality sleep? We sure are. (After all, you can’t argue with these great benefits!)