What is sleep coaching and how does it work?

January 28, 2021 4 mins read
What is sleep coaching and how does it work?

If you are experiencing sleep problems, should you consider sleep coaching? Getting a coach is not just for those who do sports or want a life coach to help them with their personal development. You get coaches for everything from business and performance coaching to relationship and sleep coaching.

Since we’re all about sleep, we’re going to focus on sleep coaching. What is it? How does it work? And is it for you?

What is sleep coaching?

Sleep coaching is a type of training where a sleep expert (your coach) guides you and teaches you about sleep, how to improve it, and how to achieve certain sleep goals, whether for yourself or your child, like getting your toddler into a consistent sleep schedule and forming healthy sleep habits as a family.

What does a sleep coach do?

A sleep coach is someone who teaches individuals and families about healthy sleep habits and gives them solutions and strategies for optimal sleep. It is important to develop good sleep habits as early as possible. If you start as a baby or toddler, it will help you sleep well while growing up and when you are an adult. You might not know how to improve your own sleep or help your child sleep better, or which online sources to trust. Getting a sleep coach can help. They can give you guidelines and teach you about things, such as:

  • What to do to make your room optimal for sleep
  • How to get into a regular sleep schedule
  • Avoiding things that can disrupt your sleep
  • How to get your child to fall asleep without relying on you or objects like their pacifiers, blankets or teddy bears.
  • How to sleep train yourself as an adult
  • Setting and improving your child’s bedtime and your own

A sleep coach has hands-on experience helping babies, kids and adults sleep better at night. They will also be able to observe your environment, behaviours and habits, to provide tailored and personal help and advice, which you can’t get from doing your own research online.

Is sleep training necessary?

For those who feel like they have tried everything to get themselves and/or their children to fall and stay asleep easier at night, sleep training might feel necessary. More research needs to be done around the benefits of sleep training, and many experts question its necessity.

If you are one of those lucky parents that have a baby who falls asleep without any sleep problems, falls into a sleep routine quickly and naturally gets as much sleep as they need for their age, you don’t need a sleep coach or sleep training, but it is still a good option to consider since you will learn ways to help your child sleep even better and support their growth and development.

But if you have been struggling with sleep deprivation because your baby is keeping you up or your baby is sleep-deprived, and you feel like you have tried everything, sleep coaching could be the solution.

A sleep coach can help you and your child navigate sleep challenges. They can also help you develop a better understanding of sleep problems in children.

What age can you sleep train your child?

As soon as your baby has left your body, you can start to help them develop a good sleep routine.

Your first step is to learn their natural sleep rhythms. You don’t want to force them into a sleep routine, but rather adapt the routine to their sleep schedules and incorporate good sleep habits around it.

Then, once you feel like you and your baby could benefit from a sleep coach to help you in the sleep training department, contact one in your area.

It is also ideal to start sleep training before your baby starts to sit up or crawl because that can make things much harder.

Anyone dealing with sleep problems can benefit from getting a sleep coach. Sleep training will take time, dedication and persistence, but the benefits of improving your own sleep habits and the benefits of having a child who knows how to fall asleep on their own will definitely be worth every moment.