The best anti snoring devices to help stop snoring

September 24, 2020 4 mins read
The best anti snoring devices to help stop snoring

When it comes to choosing anti snoring devices, you’re spoilt for choice. The stats tell us that 41% of people snore (almost half the country). No wonder there are so many gadgets on the market promising a fast fix!

The question is, are these devices effective?

We investigated five anti snoring devices to see how they work, and which ones are the right pick for you to restore your nighttime peace (and quiet).

Do anti snoring devices work?

Your sleep posture, diet, alcohol use, respiratory issues and your weight can all lead to snoring and rob you of your precious forty winks. While anti snoring devices shouldn’t be considered a cure-all for snoring, they do work in easing mild to severe cases. Especially when combined with good sleep hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

5 best anti snoring devices

If you’re experiencing mild snoring with no underlying complications, then one of these five devices can help to improve your sleep (and that of your sleep-deprived bed partner). But, if you do have an underlying sleep disorder that is contributing to your snoring, you should speak to your GP about finding a holistic solution.

For example, continuous positive pressure (CPAP) machines are the go-to solution for sleep apnea. However, some people struggle to adjust to sleeping with them. In that case, an anti snoring device could be your ticket to a good night’s sleep.

1. Nose plugs

By keeping the nose open and increasing airflow into the throat, nose plugs have been found to reduce snoring by 50%. (While 88% of bed partners enjoyed better sleep!). Nose plugs fit comfortably in your nostrils, propping them open and making it easier to breathe.

2. Nasal strips

Though nasal strips were originally made to relieve nasal congestion, they also double up as a remedy for snoring. Nasal strips work immediately, so you don’t have to wait for them to kick in. Simply place the strip on the bridge of your nose before nodding off into dreamland and enjoy the benefits of open airways.

3. Anti snore mouthpiece

Did you know that your tongue affects your snoring levels? When you snore, your tongue rolls back and can block your throat, causing the loud vibrating sound as the air tries to escape. A mouthpiece works by holding your jaw in the correct position to prevent this from happening.

4. Air purifier

If you have an allergy or hay fever that is triggered by dust particles or impurities in the air, then an air purifier may be just what the doctor ordered. This handy gadget cleanses the air in your bedroom, removing impurities which could irritate your throat and nose (reducing the likelihood of snoring).

5. Snore-relief pillows

Non-invasive, pain-free and a winner in the comfort department, snore-relief pillows help to position your body into the right posture while you sleep, opening your airways and making breathing easier. The pillows are also easily accessible and available for order online or at your nearest mattress outlet.

How can I stop snoring naturally?

Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep, which in turn, affects every aspect of your life, from your productivity to your relationships. By making a few lifestyle changes, like watching your diet and alcohol intake, you can reduce snoring and reclaim some bedtime peace.

  • Lose some weight: shedding a few kilos can reduce the pressure on your breathing and lessen the chances of you snoring.
  • Change your sleep posture: sleeping on your side will position your tongue differently and you’ll be able to take in air more comfortably.
  • Drink more water: staying hydrated prevents snoring as secretions in your nose and throat become stickier when dehydrated, leading to snoring.
  • Use a humidifier: by adding moisture to the air, a humidifier can help you breathe easier while asleep.
  • Avoid foods that cause inflammation: meat and dairy are high sources of protein and can trigger the release of phlegm resulting in snoring.

If snoring still plays the starring role in your sleep, your GP will investigate if there is an underlying cause, like sleep apnea.

You deserve a good night’s rest to give your body time to heal itself, recharge and get some revitalising beauty sleep. So, if you’ve discovered an anti-snoring device on our list that could work for you, give it a go and enjoy the journey to evening tranquillity.